In this section we will try to answer any questions you may have when considering requesting one of our services. However, if after reading this guide you still have any queries, please contact us at info@39× and we will be happy to answer.


1- What does 39×25 offer?

39×25 offers guided tours and routes with the possibility of renting a support vehicle, a tour guide, photographic services, etc… We also offer nutrition mentoring, personalized training, and other services described in this website.


2- What is the tours block?

The tours’ block is a set of stages that 39×25 has designed to know from a 360 degrees perspective every place that surrounds the Cerdanya region, where the company headquarters is located.
We offer 5 tour blocks, each of them containing three different routes, according to the slope and difficulty that our clients want. Just read about every tour to find out about its profile, description and height, and then book the one you prefer directly from our website.


3- What is the events calendar?

We will update the events calendar with different activities that we organize. From tours planned for a special event (like watching a stage of a cyclist competition), to nutrition and training talks, or conferences on biomechanics.


4- What are the tours on-demand?

In this section, you will decide which tour you want to make and when. If you have in mind alternative routes or there is a special mountain pass that you would like to visit, you just have to name it and we will organize it.


5- How are the bicycle tours?

Our tours are completely adapted to our clients’ needs. We can customize the rhythm as well as the time you wish to stop during your ride. We can make quick tours with no stops or other more cycle touring tours where we will stop to take pictures, provide food, drinks or equipment, wait for the rest of the group, etc… There will also be the possibility to stop to eat at a restaurant.

The only condition required is to reunite the group at the summit of the mountain passes in order to enjoy the recovery time together (if there is more than one cyclist). In addition, the guide will be leading the group for security reasons.


6- Can 39×25 rent road bikes?

There is no problem if you prefer to make a tour without your own bike. We work with two partner companies, which offer different types of bikes and sizes. You just have to tell us what size and measures you need and we will provide you with a proper bike. You can bring your pedals and seats, if you are used to riding with them.


7- How do the training and nutrition plans work?

You just have to fill in the forms you can find after every related section, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


8- How do biomechanical studies work?

There are two ways to book this service. You can either book it directly from our website, or visiting the Velolovefeet site, mentioning 39×25 when booking.


9- What is the minimum and maximum number of people required to make a tour?

The minimum number required is one person and the maximum number is from 10 to 15 people.


10- Can my wife and child come with us during the tour?

That will be possible according to availability in our van. Otherwise you can always contact us to discuss other possibilities.


11- How can I book an accommodation if I will make different routes in different days?

39×25 is not (yet) a travel agency, and thus we cannot offer packages that include accommodation. However, we collaborate with two partners that suit our clients’ needs. You will find in our website all the necessary information to book your accommodation directly on their website, by mentioning 39×25. If you do not wish to stay in any of these accommodation resorts, our valley counts with a wide selection of options, like hotels, hostels, apartments and campsites.


12- What are 39×25’s fees?

Our fees vary according to the number of participants in the tours, as well as to the number of days booked. For more information, please contact us.


13- How can I book the tours?

It is very easy; you can book our tours by phone, by email or by filling in the corresponding form. It is required to pay in advance a deposit of 25% of the tour by bank transfer.

If you book your tour 15 days or less before departure, it is required to pay the full amount in advance. We recommend booking your tour well in advance before its start.

You can make your reservations well in advance, as we will return the deposit (except for 30 € administration fee) if you cancel your tour at least 15 days in advance.


14- What are the payment requirements?

Your booking will not be confirmed until you pay 25% of the tour fee by bank transfer to our bank account: ES30 2100 0054 0201 0252 6724. The rest of the payment must be made prior to 15 days before the start of the tour.


15- Cancellation

The following retentions will be applied:

  • Between 15 and 10 days before the start of the tour, 10% of the total fee.
  • Between 10 and 5 days, 20% of the total fee.
  • Between 5 and 2 days, 30% of the total fee.
  • Less than 2 days, 40% of the total fee.
  • If the client does not show up the day of the tour, 100% of the total fee.

Any administrative expense will be at least 30€ of the total fee.

If you have to cancel your trip you must inform us as soon as possible. According to the cancellation date, you will be charged a part or the totality of the paid fee.