We will cross the region of Cerdanya and its main mountain passes such as Collada de Tosas, across a totally unknown side, as well as La Molina, Masella, Talltendre, Cap del Rec and Arànser, all of them highly recommended and each with its distinct characteristics. From the length and smooth ascent of Collada de Tosas, which has a perfect pavement, to the challenging ride up the narrow road of Talltendre pass, in the town of Bellver de la Cerdanya.

The Cerdanya, located at 1200 meters above the sea level, is considered a plateau, making it ideal for long biking excursions without crossing any mountain pass. This is an important fact at the beginning of the training, when we are still finding our form.

Located in a strategic spot of the Girona Pyrenees, and easily accessible from Túnel del Cadí (Cadí Tunnel) or the Collada de Tossas pass, this region is the departing point to new horizons and routes to various destinations of the Catalan and French geography. Within a 360º view we can find around us an endless range of passes for everyone’s taste, which 39×25 invites you to discover together.

We offer a variety of routes that can be customized according to our client needs. For this section 39X25 proposes three different routes, designed to perfectly adjust to different levels of training.